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new-blog-graphicWelcome and happy new year, plant-based friends!

We’re so pleased that you stopped by to visit the brand new—and complete—BenBella Vegan site. Here you’ll find all kinds of mouthwatering photos, free recipes (that are also available as PDF downloads!), updates on all of our authors, and this blog, where we’ll share all kinds of veg goodness—not to mention giveaways and promos.

Speaking of which, a new year and new site are cause for celebration, so we have a giveaway here to kick things off! You can enter to win a copy of one of our 2014 titles—winner’s choice:

To enter, in the comments below, just share which book you’d like to win. Comments must be entered before 12 p.m. CST on Wednesday, January 14; U.S. and Canadian entrants only, please. We’ll contact the winner via email.

Thanks for being a part of BenBella Vegan—we look forward to growing with you!


  1. Susan Lang Sweigert said on

    I would like very much to win The China Study All-Star Collection, because I am currently studying plant-based nutrition at eCornell. I own the Happycow cookbook, I bought it at Blackbird Pizzeria (100% vegan) in Philadelphia, they have recipes featured in the coobook. My children love to read about the vegan restaurants all around the world!

  2. Sarah T. said on

    I am interested in Yum Universe or the the China Study All Star Collection. I already have the Happy Herbivore book and like it. I’m looking for low fat plant based recipes.

  3. Beth said on

    YumUniverse. Heather Crosby has some amazing recipes on line so I can only guess how great her cookbook would be.

  4. Melissa said on

    I would love the Happy Cow Cookbook. I own both China Study cookbooks and all the Happy Herbivore ones. We love our plant based life!!!

  5. Page said on

    The only one of these I don’t own is China Study All Star Collection, so that is my choice. Congrats on the new website!

  6. Jacqui Pappas said on

    I own the China Study All Star Collection & all 5 of Lindsey’s books. All terrific!
    I think I would like to win Yum Universe or Happy Cow. I’m trying to convince my husband he should go plant based, & the more recipes the better!

  7. Kat said on

    I’d love to have any listed except the China Study All-Star Collection, I already have that!

  8. Mike said on

    The only book I do not have is the HappyCow cookbook.
    Didn’t purchase since more overall Vegan recipes than WFPB (no oil).
    But I am sure the recipes could be adapted or get ideas from.

  9. Tammy K. said on

    I would love to win the YumUniverse book, but would be grateful for any of them to help on the transition to this wonderful lifestyle!

  10. Susan said on

    I would love to win the Happycow Cookbook! I am a new vegan and have purchased the Happy Herbivore Guide and the China Study. My New Years resolution is a green smoothie day. So far so good. Thank you for the opportunity and the wonderful website.

  11. Denise said on

    Would so love happy herbivore holidays and gatherings or The China Study Cookbook- I can’t decide! Thanks!

  12. Terry K said on

    Happy Herbivore Holidays and Gatherings would be my choice! It would be great to have more things to prepare that are wholesome and healthy!

  13. LuAnn Bermeo said on

    I would so much appreciate winning YumUniverse so I could give a copy to my daughter who’s 4 year-old son was recently diagnosed with likely Celiac disease. Thank you!

  14. Karen said on

    China Study cookbook sounds good. Thanks for letting us see some sample recipes from each of the books, and thanks for publishing cookbooks with health-giving recipes.

  15. Whitney said on

    i would love to win YumUniverse!! My fiancé and I are both vegan and gluten intolerant so it would be perfect 🙂 thanks so much xx

  16. Janet Cox said on

    I would like to win the Happy Cow cookbook. I have lots of recipes but am always looking for more ways to let friends and family know the joy of being Vegan.

  17. Nicole said on

    Eating healthy, earth friendly food can save the world, literally! That’s why Yum Universe is the book for me 🙂

  18. Jessica Eagle said on

    Thanks for this winderful giveaway !!!

    I would love to win the Happy Herbivore Holidays & Gatherings 🙂 Good luck to me and everyone 🙂

  19. Carla Moschetti said on

    It’s a hard decision to make! I’d be happy to own any one of these. If I HAVE to choose, I think I’d most like the China Study. Thanks!

  20. Connie said on

    I’d love to have a copy of the China Study All-Star Collection to add to my personal library of plant based cookbooks.

  21. Bethery said on

    I would love to work my way through the HappyCow Cookbook. The recipes offered at the pizzeria mentioned above sound especially interesting this January day.
    Thanks for asking. :^D

  22. Jen said on

    I would love to win the China Study All-Star Collection! I am a plant-based registered dietitian and it would be a fabulous addition to my office “library”… and super fun to handout tips, evidence, etc!

  23. vicki said on

    Spent Christmas in the Hospital with a Crohns flare. Sent home on no solid foods. Would luv to win “The Best Green Smoothies on the Planet”, as this will be my staple for awhile.☺️

  24. Tom said on

    Thanks for this opportunity. Any would be great, except for The China Study, which I have. THANK YOU!

  25. Barbara said on

    I ca’t wait to see the new site! If I won, I would choose The China Study All Star Collection; Dr. Campbell-approved recipes are all good.

  26. JJ said on

    I would like the China study book, I must admit I haven’t even read the China Study yet, although I have read about it everywhere else.
    Anyway, love your new site. So nice looking so far! Clean and uncluttered.

  27. Michelle P said on

    Since I already have three of the cookbooks, the one I would most love to add to my collection is China Study All Star Collection.

  28. Sharon said on

    Please enter me in your book give away……would be Excited to win Happy Herbivore Holiday and Gatherings. Love your new web site!

  29. Eloise said on

    I would LOVE to win a copy of The HappyCow Cookbook! Am very grateful for this chance (fingers-crossed) as I’ve wanted this book for ages!

  30. Margaret said on

    Nice website – clean and fresh looking. I would love to win Happy Herbivore Holidays and Gatherings.

  31. Laura said on

    China Study All Star Collection – would LOVE that cookbook and would use it often. I love the HH cookbooks but have them all and use them frequently and would love more of a variety.

  32. m&m said on

    Trying to go vegan under doctors order (or take a statin for life), it’s been very hard, help is needed. My cardiologist recommended the China Study so I’d love to win that book collection. Statins are cheap, plant based whole foods are not. No wonder most Americans choose drugs over food as a solution, how sad.

  33. Amy said on

    I would love to win The China Study All-Star collection!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  34. Marie said on

    I would really love to have “The Best Green Smoothies on the Planet”… or “Yum Universe”. Seriously. 😉

  35. carole said on

    I would love to Wi the happy cow book as I have the China study Nd recently purchased the Yum universe, my health has been turned around since going on a plant based diet and my thirst for new amazing recipes grows each day

  36. Jeanne Friedman said on

    I find it heart-warming and intriguing that I came across benbellavegan and this book give away. The date of the drawing reminds me of my mother, whose birthday fell on January 11th. She’s been gone for a while now, but it still saddens me how hard she had battled her cancer for 15 years. She was initially diagnosed with breast cancer when she was only 46. However, over the course of the next 15 years, the cancer spread to other areas of her body. She received many forms of treatment from chemo to radiation to surgery. She took any supplement that she could find that was touted as a cancer “cure” including shark fins and caribou antlers. Eventually, the cancer consumed most of her body, and on a beautiful spring day in April of 2000, I stood by her side as she drew her last breath.

    What I have found remarkable in my own journey towards health, since I first watched FOK in 2011, is that her life story could have been written very differently. I have always considered myself very fortunate to have stumbled across the path of this great movie. I know this movie has saved my life, but I also know it has led me on a quest for even more plant based knowledge which I now share with my own three children, my husband, and anyone who crosses my path. If I happen to win this entry, I’d take the book YumUniverse book in a heartbeat. It is a book I don’t have, and it is one I’d love to share with the friends who have joined me on my quest to better health, and with friends I haven’t even met yet. Even though I didn’t know about the book before today, I do now, and I also know now about Heather Crosby and her story. Thank you for that benbellavegan. I am glad you crossed my path too!

  37. Cindy said on

    Would love them all, but if I have to choose one I would say “YumUniverse”. Was on her website recently and her cookbook looks like it’s full of great information/ideas besides great recipes.

  38. Stephanie said on

    I would love to win the HappyCow Cookbook. I have been vegan for two years now. It’s been an incredible journey and I can credit part of that to you guys. I won a copy of the China Study during one of your giveaways and after reading it became vegan! The new website looks great 🙂

  39. Julie said on

    Congratulations on the new site! So I have to choose? I think #1 would be the China Study All Star Collection. I hadn’t heard of YumUniverse – so I’m looking her up now! Thanks!

  40. Teresa said on

    I would love to win a copy of the China Study All-Star Collection! The book changed my life and started me on the path to health.

  41. Judy said on

    My Doctor suggested a plant based diet in August,2014 due to a health problem that had developed. I was familiar with vegetarian diet but had to research plant based as it was new to me. I went on the diet the day he ordered it as well as I understood it. I have a”library” now with many of the books mentioned. My health problems improved to a surprising level( to me) within a month .The books are my textbooks and encouragement when I’m thinking of something I should not eat. I would be very happy to win “The Happy Cow” and add it to my library.I was surprised how well I’ve felt eating plant based and that I enjoy it without feeling deprived..I will make this a lifetime choice

  42. Sara said on

    I’m a huge Happy Herbivore fan. All the books sound great, but I’m not so into smoothies. I like the names of Yum Universe and Happy Cow, and the China Study and Happy Herbivore would be great to have a consolidated book of yummy recipes!

  43. Brigitte Estelle Gaudreault said on

    Ooooh it is -20 in Montreal, man would I like to be kept inside snuggled with my quilt in the warmth with a great book , haha and a tasty bowl of soup from Happy Herbivore Holidays & Gatherings ♡
    Bonjour à tous !!
    Brigitte Estelle

  44. Fran Rush said on

    Anything to help this not-interested-in-cooking-oh-is-the-room-with-the-stove-the-kitchen person, so “Happy Herbivore Holidays & Gatherings,” please.

  45. Mathew Richards said on

    I would LOVE to have the Happy Herbivore cookbook. I’m the only WFPB in my family, and would love some new recipes to try to share with them.

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