Love Fed

Love Fed

Desserts that are rich in flavor—and all things good for you!

In Love Fed: Purely Decadent, Simply Raw, Plant-Based Desserts, Christina Ross of PatisseRaw and serves up raw, vegan treats full of nourishing ingredients and intense flavor, but without a touch of gluten, dairy, or refined sweeteners.

Love Fed takes the plant-based, no-cook method of preparing desserts to new heights with more than 80 delicious, easy recipes. Inspired by French pastries and conventional classics, Christina gives you everything from Pistachio Saffron Rosewater Ice Cream and Chocolate Hazelnut Caramel Apple Torte to Trail Blazing Truffles and Splendid Day Red Velvet Cupcakes, satisfying to even the most discerning sweet tooth. Along the way, she introduces readers to new ingredients (and makes them less daunting), shares her solutions for potential hiccups, tells stories from her own life, and supplies mouth-watering full-color photos.

With helpful tips on raw pantry staples and creative twists on dessert prep, Love Fed caters to both novices and experienced foodies alike. Chocolate lovers, caramel aficionados, ice cream devotees, cake enthusiasts, cheesecake fans—Love Fed has it all for you.

Maple Banana Tiramisu Trifle

Maple Banana Tiramisu Trifle

Raspberry and Coconut Glazed Donuts

Raspberry and Coconut Glazed Donuts

Splendid Day Red Velvet Cupcakes

Splendid Day Red Velvet Cupcakes

About the Author

Christina Ross

Christina Ross is an Ambassador of Healthy Living, a dynamic conscious recipe and product creator, educator of vitality through the art of eating and living vibrantly, and a freelance writer and blogger.

Christina’s recipes and healthful lifestyle tips have been published in Natural Child World Magazine through her column “Love-Fed.” Christina also contributes recipes and articles to popular sites and works such as, Clean Food Living, Vegan Food Share, Organic Soul,, Just Eat Real Food,, and Kris Carr’s

Christina keeps her many fans full of nutrient rich content through her blog and through television appearances, which have taken her to TODAYGood Day Chicago, as well as San Diego Living.

Learn more at

Featured Recipe

Matcha Mint Chocolate "Cheese" Cake

Makes one 9" round cake | On Page 53

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Matcha Mint Chocolate Cheesecake

In this recipe, cashews replace a traditional cheesecake base, with matcha and mint supplying the delicate flavoring. What I love most about this cake is that it’s seasonless—it’s perfect in summer when you want something refreshing, and also festive enough to serve during the holidays.


2 c. almonds
1⁄2 c. cacao powder
1⁄4 c. hemp seeds
1⁄4 c. agave nectar
1 tbsp. mint extract

2 c. cashews, soaked and drained
1⁄2 oz. Irish moss, soaked and drained
1⁄2 c. agave nectar
1⁄2 c. almond milk
1⁄2 c. melted coconut oil
2 tbsp. coconut butter, softened
2 tsp. matcha powder
1 tsp. vanilla bean powder or vanilla extract

Chocolate Garnish
1⁄4 c. melted cacao butter
1⁄4 c. cacao powder
3 tbsp. agave nectar
1⁄2 tsp. vanilla extract


To make the crust: Place the almonds, cacao powder, hempseeds, agave nectar, and mint extract in a food processor and process until the mixture sticks together when pressed between your fingers. Press the crust into the bottom of a 9″ springform pan. Set aside and make the filling.

To make the filling: Place the cashews, Irish moss, agave nectar, almond milk, coconut oil, coconut butter, matcha powder, and vanilla bean powder in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour the filling over crust and place the cake in the freezer for 2–4 hours. Meanwhile, make the chocolate garnish.

To make the chocolate garnish: In a small bowl, whisk together the cacao butter, cacao powder, agave nectar, and vanilla extract until smooth. Set the bowl in the freezer until the chocolate hardens all the way through.

To assemble: When the cake is firm enough to cut, remove from the freezer. Grate the chocolate garnish on top before serving. Serve immediately or store in the refrigerator for up to 5 days or in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Publication Details

Love Fed
  • Title: Love Fed
  • Author: Christina Ross
  • Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.
  • Publication Date: 03/17/2015
  • Price: $19.95 US/$23.00 CAN
  • Format: Trade paper and ebook
  • Trim Size: 7 x 9
  • Page Count: 256 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-940363-32-5
  • Ebook ISBN: 978-1-940363-49-3


Love Fed is a must-have for anyone who has a sweet tooth and dessert addiction (like myself!) looking to swap out traditional sugar-laden and gluten-filled desserts for vegan guilt-free superfood goodness.

— Ani Phyo, health and wellness expert, bestselling author, and champion athlete

Christina's decadent desserts are simple enough for novice chefs to prepare at home and full of nutritious superfoods that hardcore health foodies will swoon over. I can't think of a more beautiful and accessible book to help you take the guilt out of your everyday dessert pleasures!

— Jason Wrobel, celebrity vegan chef and host of How to Live to 100 on Cooking Channel

Forget ‘sinful’ treats without nutritional benefits. Nourish yourself with love. Christina's creations are as healthful as they are divine.

— Matthew Kenney, chef, author, and entrepreneur

As an unapologetic omnivore in the tradition of Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern, I must admit, Love Fed did inspire drool production in my mouth, especially the Banana Toffee Pie recipe. I suppose that makes this book drool-worthy!

— Eddie Lin, author of Extreme Cuisine and blogger for Deep End Dining

In her Love Fed cookbook, Christina Ross reveals an extraordinary assortment of the most delectable raw desserts, from puddings and popsicles to pastries worthy of front window placement in a Parisian bakery.

Foreword Reviews

A treasury for vegan, raw foods, or gluten-free enthusiasts, Love Fed is highly recommended!

Midwest Book Review

These desserts are not only healthy but also heavenly.

Washington Book Review

If I had to summarize Love Fed in two words, I would simply say: pure fun.

EcoParent Magazine

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