Vegans We Love: Part 9

Vegans We Love-9

By Eryn Carlson

In Vegans We Love, we share some of our favorite plant-based blogs, websites, and organizations, and can’t-miss reads from each. Read past posts in the series here.

  1. Pickles & Honey: With an emphasis on simple and practical recipes, this blog features seasonal vegan meals and goodies with short ingredient lists and, often, minimum prep times. Along with your standard soups, salads, entrees, and desserts, SEO manager-turned-certified culinary nutrition expert Amanda shares ingredient-specific recipes centered on vegan essentials (nut butters), seasonal favorites (pumpkin), and even the adventurous (kombucha).
    • Recommended Recipe: “Banh mi” and “breakfast” in the same sentence!? We’re in! This savory Tofu Banh Mi Breakfast Sandwich looks like a perfect way to start the day.
  2. I Love Vegan: Husband-and-wife team Brittany and William became vegans in 2012 after learning more about the factory farming industry’s inherent cruelties and, after falling in love with their lifestyle change, decided to share their recipes and tips for transitioning to a plant-based diet. I Love Vegan includes a little bit of everything, and gets bonus points for all the resources for aspiring or first-time vegans.
    • Recommended Recipe: With the holidays around the corner, we’ve got Christmas cookies, Hanukkah pastries, and other wintery desserts on our minds. We can’t wait to whip up these super easy No-Bake Candy Cane Mint Brownies.
  3. Faring Well: Jessie, the blogger behind Faring Well, believes eating—like most things—is all about balance. That’s why she provides a wide range of vegan recipes, including everything from strawberry milkshakes and homemade Baby Ruth candy bars to sesame kale bowls and butternut squash mac and cheese.
  4. Thug Kitchen: If you’re okay with profanity in the kitchen (and, let’s be honest, if you’re not letting a few expletives slip while cooking, you’re probably not doing it right), this blog dishes out a healthy dose of R-rated vegan recipes. The duo behind Thug Kitchen, Matt Holloway and Michelle Davis, launched their project in 2012, tailoring the recipes for those who want to eat healthier while having some fun. Fans of the blog now have two cookbooks to peruse as well, including Thug Kitchen: Party Grub, which came out this October.
    • Recommended Recipe: We’ve got our eyes on these Meatballs, which are begging to be drenched in marinara sauce.

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