Vegans We Love: Part 18


Photos by blogs linked below, in order from left to right

In Vegans We Love, we share some of our favorite plant-based blogs, websites, and organizations, and can’t-miss reads from each. Read past posts in the series here.

  1. Neurotic Mommy: Blog creator Jenn began experimenting with plant-based recipes and holistic living after struggling with anxiety, depression, and weight gain for many years. Whether you’re a mom wanting to incorporate more plant-based meals into your child’s diet, or a woman wanting to regain control of your life and health, this blog will be an inspiration to you.
    • Recommended Recipe: Didn’t think you’d ever hear the words “healthy” and “fries” in the same sentence? Think again! These Sweet Potato Shoestring Fries are equal parts healthy and delicious.
  2. Vegan Huggs: Motivated to lead a happy life without causing harm to the earth or animals, Melissa switched to a vegan diet and began using cruelty-free beauty products and wearing cruelty-free clothing. She shares a variety of delicious recipes and product reviews that will leave you feeling healthier and proud to be more earth-conscious.
    • Recommended Recipe: Winter is coming, but those cold temperatures just give you an excuse to make this Three Bean Mushroom Chili. Bonus: it smells just as good as it tastes!
  3. The Plant Philosophy: Are you a new member of the vegan community or just trying to save money while eating a plant-based diet? Margaret makes it easy by providing you with her “Guide to Going Vegan” and an informative Meal Plan designed for someone on a budget.
  4. Vegangela: Blogger Angela has been vegan for twenty-one years, and it shows in her diverse selection of recipes and knowledge of ingredients and kitchen tools that are essential for a vegan diet.

We’d love to hear where you get your vegan recipe inspiration! Share with us in the comments below.


  1. Melissa said on

    What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much for including me – it’s such an honor. Thank you for sharing some other vegan bloggers, too. Now I have more inspiration to follow 🙂

    • Heather Butterfield said on

      Our pleasure, Melissa! We really love what you do. And happy to provide some inspiration. 🙂

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