Vegans We Love: Part 14

Vegans We Love-14

By Erin Files

In Vegans We Love, we share some of our favorite plant-based blogs, websites, and organizations, and can’t-miss reads from each. Read past posts in the series here.

  1. Ordinary VeganAfter watching the Forks Over Knives documentary, Nancy Montuori decided her lifestyle needed a complete overhaul and went plant-based. Now, with a certification in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University, she endeavors to inspire others by sharing her journey and favorite vegan recipes on her blog.
  2. Fork & Beans: After being diagnosed with several food allergies in 2011, Fork & Beans’ Cara began to genuinely listen to what her body was craving—and it was craving more vegetables and less meat. Her blog is a space where people with dietary restrictions can expand their horizons and discover a whole world of tasty gluten-, egg-, and dairy-free recipes.
    • Recommended Recipe: These Jicama Home Fries are a bright and colorful side dish that’s simple and easy to make.
  3. Brand New Vegan: This blog is especially great for those who are just starting out with plant-based eating. Visitors can check out some of the recipes author Chuck used to transition to a plant-based diet and also read helpful articles on a variety of topics including: plant-based shopping, overcoming vegan stereotyping, and avoiding temptations. And if you like what you see, Chuck has a new ebook available here!
  4. The Vegan Woman: A team of writers from across the globe write for The Vegan Woman, sharing their experiences as vegans and what leading a vegan lifestyle means to them. The website features product reviews, gift ideas, and helpful guides for all things vegan, including travel and beauty products. The team also showcases their favorite recipes from both cookbooks and other bloggers in the vegan community.

We’d love to hear where you get your vegan recipe inspiration! Share with us in the comments below.

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