Vegans We Love: Part 12

Vegans We Love-12

By Eryn Carlson

In Vegans We Love, we share some of our favorite plant-based blogs, websites, and organizations, and can’t-miss reads from each. Read past posts in the series here.

  1. The Colorful Kitchen: A certified health coach, recipe developer, and food photographer, Ilene also has a background in art and textile design, and she combines her love of color and texture with plant-based cooking in her blog The Colorful Kitchen. Ilene wants the kitchen to be seen as a happy—not a stressful—place, and her recipes are based on the motto “colorful, not complicated.”
  2. Cupcakes and Kale: Ontario blogger Jess and her husband Mark own a vegan restaurant, Tucos Taco Lounge, and she also has a special order vegan bakery. Along with showcasing her favorite sweets and eats, her blog also includes her “Little Vegan” posts, where she shares her experiences and offers some tips on how to have a healthy vegan pregnancy, and raise children on plant-based diets, complete with easy, kid-friendly recipes.
  3. Running on Real Food:  Another Canadian blogger, Deryn is passionate about fitness and health; she is a former personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach, and likes to run triathlons, hike, and do CrossFit in her spare time. She started Running on Real Food to inspire others, and she not only shares a variety of vegan recipes on her blog, but also features workouts and wellness tips.
  4. An Unrefined Vegan: After getting sick of life in the city, Annie yearned for a quieter pace and decided to move west—to rural Oklahoma. With more time to dream up recipes and experiment in the kitchen, she decided to launch An Unrefined Vegan, which features a variety of vegan recipes but has an emphasis on sweets and desserts, most of which are free of oil and refined products like white flour and sugar.

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