Vegans We Love: Part 11

Vegans We Love: Part 11

By Eryn Carlson

In Vegans We Love, we share some of our favorite plant-based blogs, websites, and organizations, and can’t-miss reads from each. Read past posts in the series here.

  1. The Hungry Gecko: Traveling in Asia with her family, chef Jackie Kearney—a 2011 finalist on the UK’s reality cooking show MasterChef—fell in love with street food dining culture and was inspired to create and share dishes similar to ones she ate in regions across the continent. Her venture, The Hungry Gecko, comprises a food truck, catering services, and dining events, and her blog features vegetarian and vegan recipes, including some from her cookbook, Vegan Street Food.
    • Recommended Recipe: A healthy twist on an Indian classic, this flavorful Vegan “Butter” Masala looks like the perfect dish for a frigid winter night.
  2. The Full Helping: The blogger behind The Full Helping (formerly Choosing Raw), Gena Hamshaw, struggled with an eating disorder for years before becoming a vegan, and she credits her transition to a plant-based diet—along with therapy and the support of friends and family—as an integral part of her recovery by helping her place food and eating in a meaningful context. Along with being a certified nutritionist and author of two cookbooks (Food52 Vegan and Choosing Raw), Gena has a blog that features a host of nourishing vegan recipes—many of them raw—as well as her writings on topics such as health, nutrition science, and eating disorder recovery.
  3. Vegans Eat What?: A nonprofit organization, Vegans Eat What? is dedicated to answering the common question, “What do vegans eat?” by offering how-to advice, original articles, and cookbook reviews. Their blog showcases tested recipes that banish the myth that plant-based diets are boring and restrictive.
  4. The Vegan 8: Brandi originally started a food blog called The Healthy Flavor in 2012 as she experimented with vegan recipes to help heal her husband’s gout. As the year went on, she increasingly felt a need for simple recipes with minimal ingredients and decided to start The Vegan 8. All recipes on her blog are vegan and free of gluten, oil, and tofu, and are made with—you guessed it—eight ingredients or less.

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