The Best Green Smoothies on the Planet

The Best Green Smoothies on the Planet

Indulge in these easy, delicious recipes and discover the incredible health benefits of green smoothies! founder Tracy Russell tried just about every fad diet and expensive “superfood” supplement out there, with negligible results. It wasn’t until she discovered green smoothies that she lost 40 pounds, lowered her cholesterol by 50 points, and started running marathons.

In The Best Green Smoothies on the Planet, Russell shares healthy, down-to-earth recipes made with unprocessed whole foods. Packed with fresh fruits and vegetables—particularly leafy greens—that you can find at your neighborhood grocery store or local farmers’ market, every recipe in this book contains nutrition information as well as options for substitutions and variations. Russell reveals optimal flavor pairings (which green goes best with which fruit and which fruits blend best together) and specific health benefits of key ingredients.

Focusing on the many positive effects of drinking green smoothies, including detox and cleansing, natural weight loss, and mood enhancement, Russell offers nutrient-rich recipes with flavorful, fun combinations such as:

  • Pineapple-Ginger
  • Chocolate-Peanut Butter
  • Mango-Avocado
  • Cherry-Pomegranate
  • Nectarine-Goji Berry

With 150 delicious green smoothie favorites (enough smoothies for five whole months!), The Best Green Smoothies on the Planet provides recipes that can accommodate and enhance any individual or family diet. Whether you’re a smoothie veteran or trying something new, these drinks will wow you—with both accessibility and incredible taste.

Pistachio Banana Smoothie

Pistachio Banana Smoothie

Very Berry Smoothie

Very Berry Smoothie

About the Author

Tracy Russell

Tracy Russell has tried just about every fad diet and expensive “superfood” supplement out there. It wasn’t until she discovered the green smoothie that she lost 40 pounds, lowered her cholesterol by 50 points, and started running—marathons!

Tracy is one of the foremost experts on green smoothies and nutrition. She shares her wealth of first-hand information, research, and experiences with tens of thousands of people every day. Tracy is the author of one of the largest green smoothie websites on the Internet, Incredible Smoothies, which she launched in 2009 to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle. She is also a contributor to the Whole Pregnancy website. She has written guest articles for other blogs and magazines as well.

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Featured Recipe

Coconut-Gogiberry Smoothie

On Page 158

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Coconut-Gogiberry Smoothie

This green smoothie is loaded with calcium! Both the kale and the oranges, and even the coconut milk, are great sources of calcium. Some store-bought coconut milks are fortified with calcium, making this smoothie one of the best for strong bones and teeth.


2 tablespoons gogi berries, soaked for 5 minutes
1 small banana, peeled
1/2 orange, peeled and seeded
2 cups fresh curly kale, stems removed
8 ounces unsweetened coconut milk

Publication Details

The Best Green Smoothies on the Planet
  • Title: The Best Green Smoothies on the Planet
  • Author: Tracy Russell
  • Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.
  • Publication Date: 12/16/2014
  • Price: $16.95 US/$19.99 CAN
  • Format: Trade paper and ebook
  • Trim Size: 7 x 9
  • Page Count: 256 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-940363-27-1
  • Ebook ISBN: 978-1-940363-42-4

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